Kendra Leigh Marley

Kendra Leigh Marley, IPE Pro - Women's Physique, Physique & Performance Coach

BCAA Gummies feat. Propello Life Rejuvenating Aminos

These gummy bunnies are cute and good for the mooscles! Packed with protein and BCAA's, they make a great post-workout snack to refuel the body, and they are GOOD FOR YOU! They are Paleo-friendly and easy to make, plus include the amazing benefits of beef gelatin: good for skin, joints and improving gut health. Change of the flavors by using different BCAA flavors and fruit!

What flavor combinations have you tried?  Share your photos and recipe adjustments in the comments! 


1 c. filtered water

3-4 scoops Propello Life Rejuvenating Aminos  - Cherries & Vanilla (depending on desired taste and serving size). Get yours at and use code KENDRAM10 for 10% OFF!

6 tbsp. Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin Collagen Protein (or 3 packages of Knox Gelatin)

1-2 tbsp. raw honey (you may also sub stevia or other sweetener of choice, or combination to reach desired sweetness)

2-4 tbsp. fruit, pureed or juiced (I used raspberries in the batch pictured above)


1 . Blend amino and water in shaker cup until fully mixed, pour in sauce pan. Add beef gelatin and let sit for 3 minutes to allow gelatin to bloom.

2. Stir in honey, then place over medium low heat. Stir continuously until gelatin is melted and syrup is smooth. 

3. Remove pan from heat and stir in berries, until blended. Spoon into gummy bear or silicone mold of choice (I used Peeps silicone mold). Chill 30 minutes, or until firm. Store in refrigerator up to 2 weeks in a sealed container. 

MAKES: 12 large gummies (each gummy is the size of one Peeps bunny)

MACROS (per 3 pieces, sweetened with honey): 

10.5g Protein, 0g Fat, 9g Carbs